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Mar 21

Learn to quickly abandon ideas/projects that don’t work

There are two types of hustle (see this post by Jeff Goins). Sometimes you hustle to find out your project will work; sometimes you need to abandon your idea. Discern the difference.

It’s now January 24. How are you doing with the progress of your goals for 2017? Here’s a classic goals video from the late Zig Ziglar. Remember, resolutions are not goals.

The Grow Manifesto

Ryan Eidson  —  January 10, 2017

You are a person of growth.

You have a taproot within, a strong foundation, upon which your character stands.

You see untapped potential in yourself and those around you. Like a seed that has laid dormant in the winter soil, you are ready to blossom and display your glory in another aspect of your life as the spring sun shines.

In other areas of your life, you’ve already tasted the sweet fragrance of April showers, walked among the lilies, and flown with the eagles. You know what it’s like to soar above the aimless wanderers and perch for a few minutes on the mountain summit and enjoy the view. Continue Reading…

Jan 9

Walking in faith? God is pleased

“Now without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6)

Worded another way: with faith it is possible to please God. Are you walking in faith with Jesus on your daily journey? He’s already pleased with you! He’s already delighted with you as his child!

So many of us worry about failure, when, in fact, what we should fear more than failure is succeeding at the wrong thing.

Succeeding at the wrong thing? Quote from Jeff Goins