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A Cold, Windy Christmas

Ryan Eidson  —  December 9, 2014

Places are set for Christmas dinner

On Christmas Day in 2010 Lori (my wife) and I gathered with other expats in the city where we lived in China. We took her famous oatmeal rolls and two other dishes with us and ate with the group at 12:45. It was nice to have a break from our work as managers of a farm company and enjoy time together celebrating a cherished holiday.

Sometime in the early afternoon, our driver (his English name is Philip) received a call from our farm workers outside the city that very high winds had broken part of the barn roof. The previous night was very windy in the city. We didn’t know that the wind caused damage to any buildings until this phone call. We thought that just a few pieces of tin were gone; however, the workers called back and said the entire north addition to the barn was gone!

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This fall I’m a co-coordinator of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’re half-way through the course at this point. The group of 16 participants is having a great time learning and growing through the experience. Below is one quick story that came out of this week’s session:

“Sorry, we’re a little late!” said one lady who came in the door and sat down right at the top of the hour. “We got pulled over on our way over here.”

“You got pulled over?!”


“pulled over” photo from flickr user: Bradley Gordon | cc by 2.0

“Yeah, I was driving a little fast, and I realized that I got pulled over, and so as the cop was walking to my car I quickly said a little prayer. Continue Reading…

Last night I went to town and stopped at a grocery store. There was a chill in the air as I walked from the car to the entrance. A few other people were in the first aisle with me. Most people were shopping alone — I was, too.

I took my list out of my wallet. My goal: to buy all the food on the list without going to another store.

Overwhelming grocery store

Photo Credit: lucianvenutian via Compfight cc

Crackers, chips. Oops, I deviated from my list. Must be hungry.

Back to the list: Two gallons of milk. Yogurt.

I turned the corner with my cart.

Beans, beans, beans. Three kinds of canned beans.

I said “Hi” to one person as I passed. Nodded my head at another shopper.

Bag of potatoes. That slows my driving down a bit. Lettuce, check. Loaf of bread and bananas, check.

Go over there for frozen juice concentrate. Done.

Now where’s the cream of mushroom soup and the non-stick spray?

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This past March my wife and I attended a wedding in Colorado. She was a beautiful bridesmaid. The ceremony was in the Rockies where we had sun, rain, and snow all on the same day. A great place it was for our friends to promise their entire lives to each other.

Earlier in the day I had several hours of free time, so I wondered what to do. I wanted some time in solitude, just for myself, before the busy wedding activities of the evening. I talked about hiking, but when I hiked 100 feet from the dining are to our room at the resort, I was winded! There’s no way I would survive a trail that day. (We were nearly 8,000 feet in elevation. Those heights will take it out of you fast when you’re used to much less than that.)

Finding Solitude in Another State

On the road toward the Collegiate Peaks, central Colorado. Photo taken by and © 2013 Ryan Eidson.

I decided to go to the closest town to relax and have lunch. A fine mist drifted over the mountains during mid-morning. As I drove down the mountain, then north to town, the mist turned to light rain. I did not want to walk around in the rain or sit inside all day. Continue Reading…