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Are you looking to get a press release done?

I highly recommend Mickie Kennedy and his team at eReleases for all business and organization press release needs.

The team at eReleases will look over your draft, proof it, and spice it up a little bit if needed so that you can make sure it will be seen by more reporters and other people with a great headline and really good content throughout.

They do a good job teaching you how to do a press release, too.

And there’s some surprises along the way, too, but I can’t tell you about them, otherwise they won’t be surprises anymore!

Go to and send out your press releases through eReleases! They do an excellent job. I highly recommend them.


Take your performance to the next level with the Performance Driven Mastermind one-day event!

Check out the related book, too: Performance Driven Thinking (my review from yesterday)

(Click here if you have problems watching the video)

When other writers ask me where to go to generate authentic reviews for their books, I point them to Story Cartel. Story Cartel is the website where I got early reviews for my book A Couple with Common Cents when I first released it in October 2013.


Photo source flickr user: Alper Cugun | cc

What most writers don’t know is that Story Cartel also offers a digital course for writers to get past platform confusion and grow their connections with readers and fellow writers.

The Story Cartel Course

I enrolled in the Story Cartel Course in March 2013. It was a great experience of learning (and practice).

The lessons correspond with what founder Joe Bunting calls the Six Rules of Story Cartel. These six rules, with my summaries, are: Continue Reading…

Back in January my wife and I watched the movie The Help (2011). She’s wanted to watch it for a long time, and we finally sat down to see it.

It was really good! It had excellent characters and story structure.

I did not read any marketing materials about this movie before we watched it, so all my comments are from the film itself. (Note: We haven’t read the book.)


The Help Book Discussion Group” | Image source: flickr user US Embassy Canada | cc

Summary of The Help

The main character, Skeeter (Emma Stone), a girl just out of college, gets a position as a column writer at the local newspaper in a Mississippi town in the early 1960s. Continue Reading…