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There is one ancient secret that screenwriters, novelists, and top business authors use to captivate their audiences. Virtually all cultures in history used it, too. Yet this secret is largely lost today.


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the-new-covenant-book-coverWould you like to read a first-person story from the apostle John? A story that is fiction and based on historical accuracy and biblical truth? A book that is actually three stories, a trilogy in one volume?

The New Covenant book by Bob Emery is a well-researched drama that places you right in the heart of discussion between the apostles in the first century.

Emery’s three goals for the book are:

  1. To retell this wonderful story in a new way,
  2. To draw out spiritual lessons for us today, and
  3. To frame a proper understanding of the New Covenant and how it relates to Israel of the first century and today.

These three goals present a tall order for any author. And Emery pulled it off!

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Have you wondered who you really are?


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I have often wondered who I am. What defines me? What is the center of my being? Through the years I have attempted to identify myself through different means.

When I was much younger I wanted to be like my dad. As the firstborn son, I imitated what he did and said. Sometimes my mom (and now my wife) will tell me, after I say something, “That sounds like your dad.” So I looked to my dad and my family name to figure out who I was.

In high school, my classmates and I often identified ourselves by our school name and/or mascot. When we cheered at sporting events or wore our band uniforms, we said our collective name by the location we were from and school we attended.

From time to time, I thought about who I was in light of what I did, for example: how my grades were in school, or what I did for part-time jobs. It was really easy to rate myself according to how others saw me, and it was difficult for me to say no things, because I wanted to please other people. But that did not result in lasting fulfillment.

How do we identify ourselves here, today? We could easily use some labels.

Do we see ourselves by our nationality: Americans, Polish, South African, etc.? It is easy to use these labels when describing ourselves or others, isn’t it?

Do we look at ourselves through our daily work? Our occupation?

How Does God Define You?

But let’s think for a moment: have you ever wondered how God defines you? How does your heavenly Father see you? What is His perspective of who we are? As we look at the Biblical story, what does God reveal to us about our true identity in Christ? Continue Reading…

Back in January my wife and I watched the movie The Help (2011). She’s wanted to watch it for a long time, and we finally sat down to see it.

It was really good! It had excellent characters and story structure.

I did not read any marketing materials about this movie before we watched it, so all my comments are from the film itself. (Note: We haven’t read the book.)


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Summary of The Help

The main character, Skeeter (Emma Stone), a girl just out of college, gets a position as a column writer at the local newspaper in a Mississippi town in the early 1960s. Continue Reading…

Does God have a place that He regards as special above all others?

Is it Jerusalem? The city where Solomon built the temple?

Is it the tabernacle, the tent that moved with the Israelites before the temple was built?

Is it a “church building”?

No. God’s favorite place on earth is not one particular place on the map.

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Two millennia ago, God walked on the earth in the flesh. Jesus Christ was rejected everywhere He went. Every place He walked, no one wanted Him. Except one tiny village…Bethany. Continue Reading…