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“But in my life, my spouse just will never listen to me. No matter what happens. Even if we end up at the emergency room with our injured child just like Jack and Tabitha did. It’s a good story, but it doesn’t work for me…”

Good, warm-hearted stories, it seems, are for other people.

Because I’ve tried to have that conversation before.

Because my spouse never listens.

Because he/she just doesn’t understand my point of view.

Because it’s too much of a risk to try another approach.

Because I’m worn out.

Because I just have to do the same thing in my daily grind.

Because our family has never done it that way before.

Because the kids put too much stress on me.

Because my heart is too scared.

Change through story is for all of us. Once we realize we’re all living the hero’s journey, we can realize that there is a part of Jack and Tabitha in each one of us. Or even a Ruth to inspire others.

Find out what I’m talking about in my new book, A Couple with Common Cents. This realistic fiction story releases nationwide this month.

This fall I’m a co-coordinator of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’re half-way through the course at this point. The group of 16 participants is having a great time learning and growing through the experience. Below is one quick story that came out of this week’s session:

“Sorry, we’re a little late!” said one lady who came in the door and sat down right at the top of the hour. “We got pulled over on our way over here.”

“You got pulled over?!”


“pulled over” photo from flickr user: Bradley Gordon | cc by 2.0

“Yeah, I was driving a little fast, and I realized that I got pulled over, and so as the cop was walking to my car I quickly said a little prayer. Continue Reading…

There is one ancient secret that screenwriters, novelists, and top business authors use to captivate their audiences. Virtually all cultures in history used it, too. Yet this secret is largely lost today.


Photo source flickr user: Avi Schwab | cc

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“The Bible is less a book that tells us what to do, than it is a story that tells us who we are.”

Quote from Dan Miller, “Know Thyself” Podcast Episode

What is it that you want for your future? When you are goal setting, what do you want to achieve?


Photo source flickr user: Angie Torres | cc

On Wednesday I posted a review of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Today’s post is inspired from my reading of that book.

When I compare story and plot with vision and goals, I see a big parallel.

A well-crafted goal, a target to shoot for, grants meaning to your day. If you wander around aimlessly, wondering what to do, you don’t have a sense meaning or purpose, right? Continue Reading…