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The Idol of Busyness

Ryan Eidson  —  June 16, 2014

Busyness is an easy trap to fall into.

We like to believe these two lies:

  • The busier we are, the more we get done
  • The busier we are, the more important we feel

But those are NOT true at all.


Photo source flickr user: J P | cc

Why are we so busy as a society?

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A few weeks ago I read the book Performance Driven Thinking: A Challenging Journey That Will Encourage You to Embrace the Greatest Performance in Your Life.

Whew! That’s quite a subtitle.

performance-driven-thinking-book-reviewWhat is the difference between people who choose to perform and those who just sit on the sidelines?

It’s a “thought process that connects the desire to perform with the will to perform a specific task or goal.” That’s how the authors define performance driven thinking, and is the issue they tackle head-on in this book.

Key Ideas from Performance Driven Thinking

The authors discuss success in a fresh way that will have you: Continue Reading…


I’m preempting what I had planned to post today because I want to share this audio with you.

Frank-Viola-podcast-artworkThis week Frank Viola released a new episode of his podcast.

He calls this episode, “12 Forgotten Things Every Christian Should Know.”

This episode stopped me in my tracks.

These were the best 24 minutes of encouragement I received this week from an online source. This is perhaps the best podcast episode I’ve heard all spring. Continue Reading…

Here’s a video to inspire you on this wonderful Monday. It’s less than 2 minutes—watch it now!



What’s your gut reaction to this video? Share in the comments below.


The question before us today: What type of stories do we tell ourselves?

I constantly have a story in my mind about myself. It’s like an eight-track player. The songs change every few minutes, but after a while, the loop comes back around and I’m listening to the same tape over and over all day.

You experience this as well. Each one of us does. A loop that reminds you of who you believe you are, where you came from, and where you think you’re going.

Every day there’s a story in your head.

Occasionally, someone takes the eight-track tape out and puts another one in. It will keep looping, too. It’s the same artist, different album. The instruments and style of music are similar.

If you’re feeling great on a particular day, the music is advanced, upbeat, and full of major chords.

If you’re feeling down, the songs are unpolished, primitive, and full of unrealized potential.

Do you just leave yourself to circumstance to determine which tape plays over and over in your mind? Or can you do something to change this? Continue Reading…