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I’m preempting what I had planned to post today because I want to share this audio with you.

Frank-Viola-podcast-artworkThis week Frank Viola released a new episode of his podcast.

He calls this episode, “12 Forgotten Things Every Christian Should Know.”

This episode stopped me in my tracks.

These were the best 24 minutes of encouragement I received this week from an online source. This is perhaps the best podcast episode I’ve heard all spring. Continue Reading…


This is the original cover for 11 by Leonard Sweet from 2008. David C Cook (the publisher) updated the cover for a reissue of the book in 2012.

I just finished reading the book 11 by Leonard Sweet. (The full title is 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without.)

Have You Ever Evaluated Your Friendships?

This is a timely book for me because the past several months I’ve considered how my relationships fit into my life. Continue Reading…

When other writers ask me where to go to generate authentic reviews for their books, I point them to Story Cartel. Story Cartel is the website where I got early reviews for my book A Couple with Common Cents when I first released it in October 2013.


Photo source flickr user: Alper Cugun | cc

What most writers don’t know is that Story Cartel also offers a digital course for writers to get past platform confusion and grow their connections with readers and fellow writers.

The Story Cartel Course

I enrolled in the Story Cartel Course in March 2013. It was a great experience of learning (and practice).

The lessons correspond with what founder Joe Bunting calls the Six Rules of Story Cartel. These six rules, with my summaries, are: Continue Reading…

Isn’t it clear when a person broke his/her trust with you?

Now, how do you regain the trust of that person?

Wouldn’t you like to repair that relationship that just wanes on because trust was broken?

Trust Works! by Ken Blanchard

In his most recent book, Trust Works!, Ken Blanchard and his co-authors explore four keys to building lasting relationships. An online acquaintance recommended this book, so I read it this past weekend.

The first half of the book surprised me. Continue Reading…