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“Very true to life”

Ryan Eidson  —  February 8, 2017

couple-common-cents-book-coverI love this book! It’s a great example of a young couple dealing with finances. I believe it’s very true to life. And as a wife who deals with the money and budget in our marriage, I definitely could relate to her feelings on a lot of things.”

“The book is good at showing the different ways of thinking about money, with one person more concerned about security and the other just happy with the status quo and thinking debt is the way to go, just because it’s always been that way.”

“I recommend the book as a good example of how one family worked together to learn about finances and changed their thinking to make things better.”

—from Lee Broom‘s review of A Couple with Common Cents

Academic Career: The Professor is In book reviewI recently read the book The Professor is In by Karen Kelsky. Though I don’t agree with her worldview, I do appreciate how she describes the tenure-track professor/academic career environment, especially in the humanities. Continue Reading…

In Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey says that your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool.

But you can’t build wealth if your income isn’t what it needs to be if it’s not supporting the needs of your family!


New Job Letter – “day 48” by flickr user: mtjmail | cc by 2.0

There are three books that will help you tremendously on the road to a new job. And they’re not your typical career books, either. Continue Reading…

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I highly recommend Mickie Kennedy and his team at eReleases for all business and organization press release needs.

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They do a good job teaching you how to do a press release, too.

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Go to and send out your press releases through eReleases! They do an excellent job. I highly recommend them.

Free the Beagle book reviewNearly nine years ago I first read the book Free the Beagle by Roy H. Williams for a college class.

Last week I read it again.

It’s not very often that a required college textbook impacts you so much that you search high and low to seek it out and read it again—for fun. Continue Reading…