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Date Night Disaster

Ryan Eidson  —  October 14, 2014

The following is an excerpt from my book, A Couple with Common Cents, from the chapter titled “Date Night Disaster”.

“Debt will always be part of life!” Jack said as he dropped his fork on his plate. Some of the people at adjacent tables in the restaurant gave Jack a look because he had raised his voice.Tab looked down at her plate. She knew this date night dinner did not get off to a good start.

Jack lowered his voice and continued, “I have seen debt my whole life, and I’m used to it. My father has always carried an operating loan on his farm so that he could keep the farm running in order to feed us.

“So you’re telling me that you want to change what we’ve done all these years just because of what one woman said at the conference last weekend?”


“relative calm holds sway” photo by flickr user: emdot | cc by 2.0

“Jack, listen to me. I’ve tried to tell you for several months about our lack of funds. What I saw last weekend were several other families in the same situation as us, and the hope that it doesn’t have to continue being like this.”

“I don’t see any reason to change what we’re doing. We have a place to live, there’s plenty of food to eat, and our kids seem to be happy. I’m happy. So there.”

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Today’s article is part two of “Why You Need to Use Transformational Storytelling

I decided I was going to figure this whole story structure thing out.

Back in college I had a professor who always emphasized using stories for teaching. He taught us how to use the inductive method instead of the deductive method.

A few years ago this same professor gave a presentation about the differences between oral and literate cultures. I found all this fascinating and started to incorporate it into what I do.

The Difference Between Inductive and Deductive Methods of Communication


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I’ve released an animated video trailer for my book A Couple with Common Cents! Click above to view, or watch it on YouTube here.

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the-new-covenant-book-coverWould you like to read a first-person story from the apostle John? A story that is fiction and based on historical accuracy and biblical truth? A book that is actually three stories, a trilogy in one volume?

The New Covenant book by Bob Emery is a well-researched drama that places you right in the heart of discussion between the apostles in the first century.

Emery’s three goals for the book are:

  1. To retell this wonderful story in a new way,
  2. To draw out spiritual lessons for us today, and
  3. To frame a proper understanding of the New Covenant and how it relates to Israel of the first century and today.

These three goals present a tall order for any author. And Emery pulled it off!

The New Covenant book, as a trilogy, is in three parts:  Continue Reading…

Does God have a place that He regards as special above all others?

Is it Jerusalem? The city where Solomon built the temple?

Is it the tabernacle, the tent that moved with the Israelites before the temple was built?

Is it a “church building”?

No. God’s favorite place on earth is not one particular place on the map.

(book trailer on YouTube)

Two millennia ago, God walked on the earth in the flesh. Jesus Christ was rejected everywhere He went. Every place He walked, no one wanted Him. Except one tiny village…Bethany. Continue Reading…