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In recent months I’ve had people ask me how book publishing works, especially when they’re getting started with their very first book. Here are the four major book publishing options to consider for first-time authors.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing includes a book contract with an advance on royalties to the author, ranging from a few thousand dollars to seven figures for a select few. This involves working with a book agent (which I have not done), sending query letters and manuscript proposals to publishers (and most of the time you get rejection letters until someone finally says “yes” to your book, this can take years). The publisher owns the copyright (this part I don’t like) and has full say on what can be changed of your content (I don’t like that, either). Continue Reading…

2014 was a year filled with 115 new blog posts on my website. (I also had visitors from 115 different countries!)


The 2014 corn harvest was so large, several farmers filled their bins and had to pile their corn on the ground. (Photo by Ryan Eidson)

The top 5 posts by traffic were:

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What does a “best selling book” really mean these days? Perfectly timed affiliate marketing and joint ventures can easily produce an Amazon “bestseller” because Amazon updates its book rankings every hour. I’ve heard of authors hiring companies to strategically purchase their new books, which in effect manipulates the New York Times bestseller list.

The Myth of the Best Selling Book

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Bestseller does not automatically mean good. I’ve read many great books that never won literary awards or reached mass-market penetration.

You’ve read great content, too, that was not written by a household name. Continue Reading…

publishing options

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When any author attempts to take his manuscript to the market for the first time, he’s bombarded with all the decisions to make in marketing, printing, distribution, and sales channels.

So Many Publishing Options!

How do you pick a publishing route? Continue Reading…