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A Cold, Windy Christmas

Ryan Eidson  —  December 9, 2014

Places are set for Christmas dinner

On Christmas Day in 2010 Lori (my wife) and I gathered with other expats in the city where we lived in China. We took her famous oatmeal rolls and two other dishes with us and ate with the group at 12:45. It was nice to have a break from our work as managers of a farm company and enjoy time together celebrating a cherished holiday.

Sometime in the early afternoon, our driver (his English name is Philip) received a call from our farm workers outside the city that very high winds had broken part of the barn roof. The previous night was very windy in the city. We didn’t know that the wind caused damage to any buildings until this phone call. We thought that just a few pieces of tin were gone; however, the workers called back and said the entire north addition to the barn was gone!

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One misconception that many people have, including college students, is the “necessity” of joining a nonprofit in order to change the world.


Image courtesy of Jon Ralls. Used by permission.

Common ideas from people who think like this include:

  • “For-profit companies don’t care about people as individuals.”
  • “Making money in business is inherently evil. I want no part of that.”
  • “Everyone else asks for donations to support their cause, so I should, too.”

This type of thinking shows a false dichotomy—an untrue split of ideas. Continue Reading…