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What Other Authors are Saying About
A Couple with Common Cents

“I urge you to do something special for those you love most—read this book!”

Dan Miller, author of the New York Times bestselling book 48 Days to the Work You Love,


Frank Viola headshot photo“Over the years, I’ve met so many Christians who were gifted in various areas, but when it came to their finances, they lacked common sense. It’s difficult bringing up the issue to such people, as money is a ​sensitive matter. Ryan Eidson has solved the problem for us. He has written an excellent, highly readable, modern-day parable that most North Americans can relate to.

“The book packs a lot of practical insight into the whole realm of finances. A Couple with Common Cents is a book you can happily hand to those people you want to encourage and inspire with respect to their finances.”

Frank Viola, author of Jesus Now and God’s Favorite Place on Earth,

derek olsen“Seeing eye-to-eye in the finance department is crucial for any marriage. I have seen too much stress caused by avoiding the money talk. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In A Couple with Common Cents Ryan Eidson takes any married couple from financial frustration to financial freedom. Do your money and your marriage a favor, read this book and apply the principles.”

Derek Olsen, Better Conversations on Money and Marriage,


What does a “best selling book” really mean these days? Perfectly timed affiliate marketing and joint ventures can easily produce an Amazon “bestseller” because Amazon updates its book rankings every hour. I’ve heard of authors hiring companies to strategically purchase their new books, which in effect manipulates the New York Times bestseller list.

The Myth of the Best Selling Book

Image from flickr user: Alex de Carvalho | cc


Bestseller does not automatically mean good. I’ve read many great books that never won literary awards or reached mass-market penetration.

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The largest online retailer wants to give you a free page on their website. At you can sign up with your Amazon account to put all your book titles in one place with an Amazon author page. (You edit it through Amazon Author Central.)

Amazon author page, author central

Ryan’s Amazon Author Page (screen capture on May 5, 2014)

Yes, this is a totally free service from Amazon to every person who has an ISBN listed in Amazon’s database!

In my recent book searches on Amazon I’ve found two business authors who do not have their own Amazon Author Page! Both of them have even reached the New York Times bestseller list. I found it strange that neither of these authors (I’m not going to single them out here) has taken five minutes to do this.

Benefits of Amazon Author Central to You and Your Readers

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Did you know there was a dark side to the New York Times bestseller book list?

bestseller book list

“The New York Times” | image source flickr user: Alec Perkins | cc

By “dark side” I mean: if you have enough money, you can manipulate the list.

The Dark Side to Bestselling Book Lists

There are people who’ve bought their way into getting a #1 bestselling book.  Yikes! Continue Reading…

In the following video, David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, explains to Patryk Wezowski how your book can get on the New York Times bestseller list.

(Video on YouTube: Morgan James interview with David Hancock: How to Get Your Book on the New York Times Bestseller List)

The following notes are from this video and from what I learned at the recent jvAlert Live event:

How Do You Get on the New York Times Bestseller List?

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