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A private music instructor, Mrs. Dixon (who retired from teaching in the public schools), told me yesterday her students don’t like to do improvisation. I asked her, why not? She said, “They’re afraid of making a mistake.”

I replied, “It’s hard to make a mistake if you know what key you’re in!”

She said that they just can’t get over messing up. Continue Reading…

Earlier this summer I wrote new lyrics to the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Your Spirit is Active - Radioactive new lyrics
I titled this song rewrite, “Your Spirit is Active”: Continue Reading…

One of the most moving songs I’ve heard this spring is “The Voice” performed by the group Celtic Woman.

Whose voice do you listen to? (pictured: Celtic dancers)

Celtic dancing image credit: flickr user doogierule | cc

This song reminds me of several aspects of Christ:

  • His presence in our past, present, and future, all at the same time
  • True freedom when we follow Him: “Be not afraid, come follow me / Answer my call and I’ll set you free”
  • Regardless of circumstances, He cares
  • His crucifixion: “my wounds / they will heal”
  • No matter how we try to fill ourselves, our hunger points to Jesus

Check out “The Voice”

The songs by Celtic Woman aren’t the ones you hear on the radio every day. Click here to listen to this song now and also go here to follow along with the lyrics. The instrumentation adds so much to this song!

While you’re there, listen to some of their other works, too.

Are you listening for His voice in the music you hear, no matter who wrote it?