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The following is an excerpt from the study guide portion of my latest book, A Couple with Common Cents.

As I observe marriage relationships, I find that one spouse likes to take more risks than the other. This is true in my own marriage.

But each spouse also has his and her own ways of taking risks that the other person does not.

Perhaps you love to travel, explore new places, or climb mountains like my wife, Lori. When you take a first glance at us, you might think she’s the one prone to more “risk,” if you just look at what she likes to talk about or how she drives the car.

Or perhaps you can handle more fiscal risk. You spend money on investments or opportunities that don’t have a clear guarantee. There’s a huge upside if it goes right, but there’s also potential for loss.

In your marriage, I would bet that one of you is financially more conservative than the other. One of you likes to save, while the other one spends. One of you will give away all your money, while the other one says, “Slow down!” Continue Reading…

Seeing eye to eye in the finance department is crucial for any marriage. I have seen too much stress caused by avoiding the money talk. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In A Couple with Common Cents, Ryan Eidson takes any married couple from financial frustration to financial freedom. Do your money and your marriage a favor, read this book and apply the principles.

Testimonial from Derek C. Olsen about “A Couple with Common Cents”

Chris Arnold with NPR’s series “Your Money and Your Life” posted this article today about money in marriage.

He wrote one statement that I disagree with:

There’s little instruction in how to manage our finances…

There is instruction on personal finances within the context of marriage. There are reputable courses and books in the marketplace that have helped thousands upon thousands of people work through their money woes.

Next month, another great book (by yours truly) will hit the bookstores on this very topic.

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