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Living Forward book reviewIn March I read the excellent new book, Living Forward, by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. I invited my boss to go through the book with me as well. After I read the book I immediately began to implement the authors’ recommendations.

Living Forward is a book that brings both your heart and mind together to determine what you really want in life and to chart a course to get there. Unlike any other nonfiction business book I’ve read, this book stops you in your tracks to compare your daily actions with what you want your legacy to be. (Just wait until you read chapters 4 and 5. They’ll give you a brand new perspective on your life’s work!)

“The question is not, ‘Will you leave a legacy?’ but ‘What kind of legacy will you leave?’” Living Forward, p. 61

You will discover these direct benefits of reading the book:

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Do you consider yourself a creative person?

All of us are creative in one way or another. If you cook a meal, sketch a chart with a pencil, design a new game for kids to play outdoors, you are expressing creativity.

Some people downplay their gifts. Even though they have written original poems for family members in greeting cards, played an instrument from time to time, and danced with their spouse in the living room, they don’t think they are expressing creativity. Yet, they are.

When it comes to your life’s work, if you know what you need to share with the world and don’t do it, you’re selfish.

If you know how to:

  • connect ideas in new ways for a Renaissance-type book,
  • connect people that need to meet each other to do business, and/or
  • connect chords in a progressive way to drive that new song that runs through your head each day…

…and don’t do it, the world is missing out on your unique contribution.


Does it matter?

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Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your life?

Is it spinning too fast, and you have a hard time finding your landing gears to get to a destination for rest?

Or is it going to slow, and you’re having a difficult time getting your bearings greased up so that you can get back in your groove?


“follow the lines” by flickr user Nicolas Alejandro | cc by 2.0

Whichever way your life is going right now, fast or slow, there are three aspects of your life that you can control: Continue Reading…