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Have you ever thought about what Jesus is doing today?

Is He just sitting in heaven waiting for the Father to tell Him to come back, twiddling His thumbs?


This is a topic that I’ve wanted to research for at least three years now, if not more. I went back through my file of “things to research someday”. Here’s a screenshot:


Well, Frank Viola beat me to it with his newest book, Jesus Now. And I’m glad he did. Not because I don’t have to do the research, but because Viola did a fantastic job clearly explaining Jesus’ current ministry.

And Frank explained much more than Jesus as our high priest.

Jesus Now: What Is He Up To Today?

Jesus is still active and present. In fact, He has seven specific ways that He works today. And all seven have to do with you and me. Continue Reading…

“You don’t serve God to get God’s favor and acceptance. You serve God from the basis of having His favor and acceptance. And there’s a world of difference between those two things.”

Quote from “Jesus Now” by Frank Viola