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The Idol of Busyness

Ryan Eidson  —  June 16, 2014

Busyness is an easy trap to fall into.

We like to believe these two lies:

  • The busier we are, the more we get done
  • The busier we are, the more important we feel

But those are NOT true at all.


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Why are we so busy as a society?

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(Look Up: a video on YouTube about social media)

Is social media distracting you from building relationships with the people who are sitting or standing right in front of you?

Do you feel that you have to grab your phone every time it buzzes, and interrupt the conversation you’re having with the person who is right beside you?

Have we taken this social media thing too far?

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I’m preempting what I had planned to post today because I want to share this audio with you.

Frank-Viola-podcast-artworkThis week Frank Viola released a new episode of his podcast.

He calls this episode, “12 Forgotten Things Every Christian Should Know.”

This episode stopped me in my tracks.

These were the best 24 minutes of encouragement I received this week from an online source. This is perhaps the best podcast episode I’ve heard all spring. Continue Reading…

Here’s a video to inspire you on this wonderful Monday. It’s less than 2 minutes—watch it now!



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Have you wondered who you really are?


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I have often wondered who I am. What defines me? What is the center of my being? Through the years I have attempted to identify myself through different means.

When I was much younger I wanted to be like my dad. As the firstborn son, I imitated what he did and said. Sometimes my mom (and now my wife) will tell me, after I say something, “That sounds like your dad.” So I looked to my dad and my family name to figure out who I was.

In high school, my classmates and I often identified ourselves by our school name and/or mascot. When we cheered at sporting events or wore our band uniforms, we said our collective name by the location we were from and school we attended.

From time to time, I thought about who I was in light of what I did, for example: how my grades were in school, or what I did for part-time jobs. It was really easy to rate myself according to how others saw me, and it was difficult for me to say no things, because I wanted to please other people. But that did not result in lasting fulfillment.

How do we identify ourselves here, today? We could easily use some labels.

Do we see ourselves by our nationality: Americans, Polish, South African, etc.? It is easy to use these labels when describing ourselves or others, isn’t it?

Do we look at ourselves through our daily work? Our occupation?

How Does God Define You?

But let’s think for a moment: have you ever wondered how God defines you? How does your heavenly Father see you? What is His perspective of who we are? As we look at the Biblical story, what does God reveal to us about our true identity in Christ? Continue Reading…