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…is a lie.

You can be anything or go into any career you want are related lies.

Dear graduates (and others who are continuing your education), if you think that you’re going to be an engineer but hate math class, you’re not going to be an engineer.

If you want to be a nurse but get sick every time you see blood, or can’t spend all day around people standing on your feet, you’re not going to get very far in medical school.

We’ve been told that there are unlimited opportunities in today’s marketplace. There are. However, that doesn’t mean you’re well-suited for all of them.

You’re created to excel in a few specific ways.

Your job, while you’re young, is to experiment and found out what you’re great at doing. Not just good. Great.

One great resource to use to start this journey: Stand Out Strengths by Marcus Buckingham (play to your strengths, instead of fixing weaknesses). If you get the book, take the assessment: it’s only 15 minutes and really cool!

Two generations ago, high school graduates chose one of these options:

  • Continue education at a university (at least four more years of school)
  • Learn a trade at a trade school (one to two more years of school)
  • Join the military
  • Find a job now and figure it all out later

The choice for high school graduates a generation ago was: “Which college do I attend? There are so many options for where to go to school and what to study.”

Here’s the choice facing many high school graduates this year: “With college just so stinkin’ expensive these days, is it worth going at all?”

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Graduation season is here. Let’s shed a new light on the best graduation gift you can give this year.

No, it’s not cash, and it’s not keys to a brand-new car.

Consider this from the perspective of your graduate.

The most frequently asked question of high school and college seniors is,

“What are you going to do with your life?”

Why do we ask this question of our seniors?

From personal experience as a senior in high school and in college, and from talking with peers, just the thought of other people asking them this question as graduation approaches is torture. They’re frustrated by this question because deep down, most really don’t know what they’re going to do.

It’s a hope and pray situation.

Sure, seniors have an idea of what they want to do, but what they’re really going to do are two different things.

The worst graduation gift you can give is to ask them this question.

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