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One of my creative project goals (not a resolution) this year is to finish the manuscript for my book The Jack of One Trade. This is the sequel to A Couple with Common Cents. I have the draft of the story complete; I need to work the story through subsequent drafts this year and write the non-fiction (study guide) part to complete the book.

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Do you have a new year’s resolution (or two)?

Right now the gyms (such as the YMCA) are full of clients. Interest goes up for money, budgets, and getting out of debt at this time of year. Many people look for better jobs, completing their college degree, or looking for new life opportunities now that it is early January.

However, most people don’t do anything about their resolutions after February comes.

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Once again, in May I posted on the blog every weekday. Another goal achieved!


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At the end of March I set a goal to post each weekday on this blog in April.

And I did it!

Because today is May 1st, I’m celebrating with a blog recap. Below I highlight posts from the past month, by category, for you.

Did you miss any of these posts from April? You can catch up here. Just click on a post title and you can read it in a new tab.

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