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How much do you want to change? How bad do you want a “better life”? If you’ve started the process of fixing your finances, but got sidetracked, watch this video and check out this short story on hope in your family finances.

Listen to Robin who’s experienced what she calls “the tragedy of debt” and the “tragedy of being debt free” — find out why she says both sides were a tragedy for her. (If the video does not load, click here. This story will touch your heart.)

In Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey says that your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool.

But you can’t build wealth if your income isn’t what it needs to be if it’s not supporting the needs of your family!


New Job Letter – “day 48” by flickr user: mtjmail | cc by 2.0

There are three books that will help you tremendously on the road to a new job. And they’re not your typical career books, either. Continue Reading…

This fall I’m a co-coordinator of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’re half-way through the course at this point. The group of 16 participants is having a great time learning and growing through the experience. Below is one quick story that came out of this week’s session:

“Sorry, we’re a little late!” said one lady who came in the door and sat down right at the top of the hour. “We got pulled over on our way over here.”

“You got pulled over?!”


“pulled over” photo from flickr user: Bradley Gordon | cc by 2.0

“Yeah, I was driving a little fast, and I realized that I got pulled over, and so as the cop was walking to my car I quickly said a little prayer. Continue Reading…