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A private music instructor, Mrs. Dixon (who retired from teaching in the public schools), told me yesterday her students don’t like to do improvisation. I asked her, why not? She said, “They’re afraid of making a mistake.”

I replied, “It’s hard to make a mistake if you know what key you’re in!”

She said that they just can’t get over messing up. Continue Reading…

In the fall of 2011 I wrote my first commercial book. (It’s titled Money Management for Cross-Cultural Workers.)

I spent two and a half months crafting the content for that book. It was the major project I worked on during that time. At first I didn’t think the project would become “book size,” but it did.

A few friends helped me along the way as proofreaders and idea generators. There really was a team approach to the ideas, content, and structure of the book. I could not have done it alone. Continue Reading…