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When you decided on which goals you wanted to achieve this year, did you make an outline of the steps you will take to achieve them? Did you list how you will accomplish your goals, or did you simply write what you want to get done? There is a subtle difference between what and how, yet the critical distinction is part of what determines your success. Continue Reading…

This documentary, Not Business as Usual, explores some of the major trends in business and ethical capitalism. It’s worth watching this hour-length film. See more at Institute B.

Have you ever been involved in a group that called itself a team, but really wasn’t?

One group that I was involved in met on a frequent basis. We lived in the same area, and the founders called the group a team. However, we did not function as a team.

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What does a “best selling book” really mean these days? Perfectly timed affiliate marketing and joint ventures can easily produce an Amazon “bestseller” because Amazon updates its book rankings every hour. I’ve heard of authors hiring companies to strategically purchase their new books, which in effect manipulates the New York Times bestseller list.

The Myth of the Best Selling Book

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Bestseller does not automatically mean good. I’ve read many great books that never won literary awards or reached mass-market penetration.

You’ve read great content, too, that was not written by a household name. Continue Reading…


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One blogger in a state may be able to link to her Amazon store from her posts and get a commission from sales, but her friend in a neighboring state can not do that. This is because Amazon does not allow affiliate sales in certain states.

A self-publisher in Iowa sells his books locally at a kiosk, and the customers pay sales tax on the books. This author also receives online orders from people living in Oregon, but does not charge sales tax to them.

Joe Smith of Texas begins to sell his book cover design skills via the Internet. His PayPal receipts show his business name of “Great Graphic Designs For You,” but he has not registered that fictitious business name with the Texas Secretary of State. He can be fined because he is conducting business in a name other than his own name and has not registered that fictitious name yet.

Did you know about these book publishing legal issues?

Have you considered how your state-specific (and possibly local) laws affect your book writing venture? Continue Reading…