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In Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey says that your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool.

But you can’t build wealth if your income isn’t what it needs to be if it’s not supporting the needs of your family!


New Job Letter – “day 48” by flickr user: mtjmail | cc by 2.0

There are three books that will help you tremendously on the road to a new job. And they’re not your typical career books, either. Continue Reading…

A few weeks ago I read the book Performance Driven Thinking: A Challenging Journey That Will Encourage You to Embrace the Greatest Performance in Your Life.

Whew! That’s quite a subtitle.

performance-driven-thinking-book-reviewWhat is the difference between people who choose to perform and those who just sit on the sidelines?

It’s a “thought process that connects the desire to perform with the will to perform a specific task or goal.” That’s how the authors define performance driven thinking, and is the issue they tackle head-on in this book.

Key Ideas from Performance Driven Thinking

The authors discuss success in a fresh way that will have you: Continue Reading…

In the following video, David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, explains to Patryk Wezowski how your book can get on the New York Times bestseller list.

(Video on YouTube: Morgan James interview with David Hancock: How to Get Your Book on the New York Times Bestseller List)

The following notes are from this video and from what I learned at the recent jvAlert Live event:

How Do You Get on the New York Times Bestseller List?

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You’ve probably seen that most self-published books on Amazon look terrible. They look like they were middle school projects, thrown together at the last moment, and not worth the hard drives that they’re stored on.

Books drowning in the sea of sameness

Books drowning in the sea of sameness | image credit flickr user: Magic Madzik | cc

Your book will not be like that. You’re going to get your book done…and get it done right!

80% of What You’ve Been Taught About Writing a Book Will Not Help You With Your Business in 2014 Continue Reading…


There’s a book inside you | image source flickr user: Alex Murphy | cc

You may have heard that “Everyone has a book inside them.” Well…

This may be true, but it doesn’t help you and your business if that’s where it stays – inside you!

Perhaps, for a long time, you’ve known how powerful and profitable it’s been for entrepreneurs to get published. You’ve seen business books hit the market and become best-sellers. But even more than the book royalties, these authors sold millions of dollars in back-end services (such as keynote speaking and consulting) that eclipsed their publisher royalty checks.

What Will Your New Business Book Do For You?

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