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the-new-covenant-book-coverWould you like to read a first-person story from the apostle John? A story that is fiction and based on historical accuracy and biblical truth? A book that is actually three stories, a trilogy in one volume?

The New Covenant book by Bob Emery is a well-researched drama that places you right in the heart of discussion between the apostles in the first century.

Emery’s three goals for the book are:

  1. To retell this wonderful story in a new way,
  2. To draw out spiritual lessons for us today, and
  3. To frame a proper understanding of the New Covenant and how it relates to Israel of the first century and today.

These three goals present a tall order for any author. And Emery pulled it off!

The New Covenant book, as a trilogy, is in three parts:  Continue Reading…

Unlike the Old Covenant, which had conditions (“I will bless you if you do this,” or “I will curse you if you do that”) the New Covenant is a unilateral covenant. It is one-sided. It consists only of “I wills.”

Bob Emery, The New Covenant