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2016 Blog Year in Review

Ryan Eidson  —  December 31, 2016

The year 2016 was a big year for my book A Couple with Common Cents. It went from self-published to published by Morgan James (New York) in April!

Here are my top blog posts related to that book:

Two great posts from 2016 for young people:

Words of encouragement and inspiration that will live beyond 2016:

Five other great blog posts (essays) I published in 2016:

Have a great 2017!

The most difficult part of writing a new article, creating a book, giving a speech, or starting a blog is to pick a topic and stay with it.

Do you feel that way?

I’ve delivered dozens of public presentations, written hundreds of articles, and started over half a dozen websites. Each time I sit down (or stand up) to create content, I’ve already spent a lot of time in the R&D department of my mind considering what to focus on.

You’ve heard speeches and read pieces that just wandered on and on without any cohesive idea, right?

The breadth of experiences you’ve had makes you want to head down every direction possible. Yet that won’t hold you reader’s (or listener’s) attention for long.

Well, the same issue applies to this very blog. For the longest time I’ve wrestled with what my overarching theme really is. How do I describe all my content under one succinct banner?

I’ve finally come up with it: Continue Reading…

New to the blog? Check out all my written, audio, and video posts from the month of June below.


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Continue Reading…

Once again, in May I posted on the blog every weekday. Another goal achieved!


Photo source flickr user: Terence S. Jones | cc

Did you miss any articles or videos from the past month? Here they are:

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Image © Ryan Eidson

At the end of March I set a goal to post each weekday on this blog in April.

And I did it!

Because today is May 1st, I’m celebrating with a blog recap. Below I highlight posts from the past month, by category, for you.

Did you miss any of these posts from April? You can catch up here. Just click on a post title and you can read it in a new tab.

Book Reviews

Self-Publishing & Book Creation

Posts Related to Money Management for Cross-Cultural Workers