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A Couple with Common Cents book cover“I have to say that since reading your book…I have done a lot of thinking and praying about our finances…Thank you for writing such a concise book that is so thought provoking.”


“I mainly read self help books, not fiction. I got both here, and a bonus that has me setting new goals and rethinking my finances to make positive changes. I loved the message in this book.”


“I totally identified with the mom in this book. There were some good actionable tips in here.”


These testimonials are excerpts from reviews of the first edition of A Couple with Common Cents.

A few weeks ago I read the book Performance Driven Thinking: A Challenging Journey That Will Encourage You to Embrace the Greatest Performance in Your Life.

Whew! That’s quite a subtitle.

performance-driven-thinking-book-reviewWhat is the difference between people who choose to perform and those who just sit on the sidelines?

It’s a “thought process that connects the desire to perform with the will to perform a specific task or goal.” That’s how the authors define performance driven thinking, and is the issue they tackle head-on in this book.

Key Ideas from Performance Driven Thinking

The authors discuss success in a fresh way that will have you: Continue Reading…

Today’s students are fascinated, even obsessed, with social media. They love keeping their smartphones in their pocket, ready to reply to a friend’s tweet, comment, or selfie photo at a moment’s notice.

Are they just using social media to play around and goof off? Or can they use their social media skills for learning and (future or current) business endeavors?

social-media-fascination-book-coverSocial Media Fascination: The Book

Deborah C. Owen, founder of Einstein’s Secret, is the author of the new book Social Media Fascination: Embracing Social Media to Build Community, Trust, and Rapport.

With the abundance of platforms for connecting with people online, it’s often hard to stay on top of what your savvy students and children do every day, and how they interact with the world (and each other) in new ways. Continue Reading…

This week we’re exploring the ubiquitous role social media has in our lives today. Today I’ll discuss the relationship between an author and social media accounts (how I currently use them). Tomorrow you will see a video to encourage you to put your devices down and talk to the people in front of you. On Thursday another author releases her first book to help educators teach students how to use social media effectively. And then Friday we look at the future of social media and commerce.


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My Social Media Outlets

Continue Reading…

When other writers ask me where to go to generate authentic reviews for their books, I point them to Story Cartel. Story Cartel is the website where I got early reviews for my book A Couple with Common Cents when I first released it in October 2013.


Photo source flickr user: Alper Cugun | cc

What most writers don’t know is that Story Cartel also offers a digital course for writers to get past platform confusion and grow their connections with readers and fellow writers.

The Story Cartel Course

I enrolled in the Story Cartel Course in March 2013. It was a great experience of learning (and practice).

The lessons correspond with what founder Joe Bunting calls the Six Rules of Story Cartel. These six rules, with my summaries, are: Continue Reading…