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Money is top-of-mind in April as income taxes are due for US citizens. April is designated as National Financial Literacy Month.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to use and understand money in everyday life. It’s the skills to succeed with your household finances.

Financial literacy includes the ability to: Continue Reading…

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your life?

Is it spinning too fast, and you have a hard time finding your landing gears to get to a destination for rest?

Or is it going to slow, and you’re having a difficult time getting your bearings greased up so that you can get back in your groove?


“follow the lines” by flickr user Nicolas Alejandro | cc by 2.0

Whichever way your life is going right now, fast or slow, there are three aspects of your life that you can control: Continue Reading…

You can experience positive cash flow and reach your financial goals with a financial coach.

Do you have a desire to be financially free?

Are you ready to dump your debt?

Do you want to have better record keeping skills to be on top of your cash flow?

Financial coaches help people just like you develop solid financial and record keeping habits so you can experience excellent money management.
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Back in ancient Rome, the tax collector was a person that everyone despised. People knew that when the tax collector would visit, he would collect extra and line his pockets with your hard-earned coins.

Today, the function of the tax collector is spread out through several functions. Retail businesses collect sales tax on goods and send that sales tax to the state. Tax preparers, software, and CPAs determine your annual tax liabilities (after businesses have already collected payroll taxes from every W-2 and remitted them to the IRS). And the list goes on.

Today is tax day in the US. Americans spend more on taxes than on food + housing + clothing!

Aren’t you glad the tax collector is done with his visit for this year?

The book I’ve released this month, A Couple with Common Cents, features a young wife and mother of two. Her name is Tabitha.

Three Types of People Who Must Read A Couple with Common CentsTabitha and her husband Jack have problems talking about their money.

Tabitha wants to talk about their extremely tight financial situation, but Jack shoots down the topic every time she brings it up.

Tabitha has lost hope. She’s not sure what to do—until a friend invites her to a women’s conference.

I wrote the book for these three types of people: Continue Reading…

How much do you want to change? How bad do you want a “better life”? If you’ve started the process of fixing your finances, but got sidetracked, watch this video and check out this short story on hope in your family finances.