About Ryan Eidson

Ryan outdoors

Hi! My name is Ryan Eidson.

Friends and clients have told me that I make complex ideas easy to understand, that I’m a patient teacher, and that I get things done fast.

My portfolio of experience includes:

  • Author of fiction and nonfiction works such as the book, A Couple with Common Cents, and short stories
  • Co-manager of a farm in East Asia
  • Public speaker to audiences of 20 to 2,000
  • Teacher to children, teens, and adults in summer camp and classroom settings
  • Founder of a newspaper, Macon The News

I have written on a diverse range of topics, from educational issues in a Midwestern school, to daily living in rural Asia. A few of my past adventures include direct sales, pig farmer, and alto saxophone player in high school jazz band.

The following media have featured me and my work:

I sum it up this way: I’m a creative writer, systems thinker, and flexible planner.

Originally from a small family farm in Illinois, I learned responsibility at an early age as I took care of cattle, pigs, chickens, and other animals.


I currently live with my wife, Lori, in rural Missouri. My last name is pronounced ED⋅son. (I’m not related to Thomas Alva Edison, as far as I know.)

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