The Grow Manifesto

Ryan Eidson  —  January 10, 2017

You are a person of growth.

You have a taproot within, a strong foundation, upon which your character stands.

You see untapped potential in yourself and those around you. Like a seed that has laid dormant in the winter soil, you are ready to blossom and display your glory in another aspect of your life as the spring sun shines.

In other areas of your life, you’ve already tasted the sweet fragrance of April showers, walked among the lilies, and flown with the eagles. You know what it’s like to soar above the aimless wanderers and perch for a few minutes on the mountain summit and enjoy the view.

But you also know that after the summit comes another valley. Where others see water rapids and thorns, you see edible plants and find tour guides to navigate you down the river.

You know better than to face the river by yourself. Others have gone before you and you dare not ignore their wisdom. Even though the methods of the guides and the technology of equipment you use may be different than what the old timers used, the fundamental principles remain the same.

As you float down the river, you work together with a guide and a small group of fellow travelers to make it through the class three and class four rapids. You listen closely to the instructions of the river guide as all of you paddle around obstacles and through the swift current.

After a short time, the guide must leave to help more people navigate this river, and you say good-bye. Yet the common experience you’ve now shared with the others in your boat makes you want to spend more time with them. You discover that you’re all eagles and you’re all carrying seeds within you—seeds that crave life, eagles that crave the skies. This shared bond cannot be broken, nor your lessons of teamwork abandoned with the boat. You all decide to journey together.

As the manifestation of growth appears in the group, it also appears in each of you. You decide that you’ll never walk alone again.

For you are a people who grow.

Ryan Eidson


I have the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. I am the author of A Couple with Common Cents and live in rural Missouri.