A creative project goal for 2017

Ryan Eidson  —  January 3, 2017

One of my creative project goals (not a resolution) this year is to finish the manuscript for my book The Jack of One Trade. This is the sequel to A Couple with Common Cents. I have the draft of the story complete; I need to work the story through subsequent drafts this year and write the non-fiction (study guide) part to complete the book.

Here’s my goal in proper form: It is October 1, 2017 at noon; I have written the entire manuscript of my new book The Jack of One Trade.

From today until October 1, I will write the essays to accompany the story and copy edit the story to make it even better. I will do this to continue the Copper Coin Chronicles series of realistic fiction parable stories, and to help people like you think through work, job, and career in a new way through the teachings within the story.

I have other goals for 2017 as well; this is one I want to publicly commit to you, blog reader.

Past blog posts that preview the ideas I’ll present in the book The Jack of One Trade:

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