Get Rid of Debt: Encouraging Video Testimonial from Rodney

Ryan Eidson  —  December 28, 2016

Watch this encouraging video if you’re in a journey to get rid of debt.

“This book speaks to my journey….I couldn’t believe how it spoke to me.”—Rodney Sheley

Watch the video above, or read the following transcript of Rodney’s video testimonial/book review of A Couple with Common Cents:

Hi, I’m Rodney Sheley.

I want to talk to you about a very special book that really ministered to me in my life. It’s called A Couple with Common Cents. The reason I want to talk to you about this book: it’s not just for couples, not just for people planning on getting married. It’s for anybody who is thinking about taking a spiritual move and taking hold of their finances and just experiencing the abundant life right here on earth (you don’t have to wait to come into the fullness of God, until you die, thank God!).

Great Freedom When You Get Rid of Debt

Now, there’s great freedom in not having debt. A couple years ago I decided I would just get rid of my debt. Along my journey, I was getting a little battle-worn. You do have to sacrifice; you do have to eliminate the things that are not necessary, the unnecessary expenditures of cash so you have a cash flow to handle your needs like God provided. So I was feeling really battle-worn.

To show you how good God is, if you are familiar with the Scripture in Isaiah where God talks about there will come a time before you even ask, He will have provided for your need—who knew when Ryan became one of my coworkers at the university that he had written a book about this, and the book speaks to my journey.

See, we start out and we say that we’re going to get rid of debt. Two years along the way, you may feel a little battle-worn, just making the sacrifices and not being able to spend the money that you do because you are breaking a bad habit of overspending.

Encouragement for Your Journey

I was just battle-worn and feeling a little bit discouraged, and Ryan gave me this book as a Christmas present. I went home, read it in like six hours. I couldn’t believe how it spoke to me. Again, it’s not just for married people. It’s for anyone who wants to get rid of debt.

When you read this book and the stories in this book, you’re gonna feel encouraged. You may be on a journey that takes two, three, four, five years, and you will get discouraged. Staying committed will be hard. But when you read this book, you will be encouraged. You will look back and see how far you’ve come and the freedom that you’re experiencing in accomplishing getting rid of debt.

Go pick this book up. You don’t have to be married. You can be single, like me, just want to get rid of debt. This will encourage you, it will help you, and you will be blessed. God bless you!

Ryan Eidson


I have the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. I am the author of A Couple with Common Cents and live in rural Missouri.