Three Types of People Who Must Read A Couple with Common Cents

Ryan Eidson  —  April 13, 2016

The book I’ve released this month, A Couple with Common Cents, features a young wife and mother of two. Her name is Tabitha.

Three Types of People Who Must Read A Couple with Common CentsTabitha and her husband Jack have problems talking about their money.

Tabitha wants to talk about their extremely tight financial situation, but Jack shoots down the topic every time she brings it up.

Tabitha has lost hope. She’s not sure what to do—until a friend invites her to a women’s conference.

I wrote the book for these three types of people: young married folks, newly engaged and married couples, and premarital counselors and financial coaches.

Young Married Folks

I wrote A Couple with Common Cents to help young married couples learn how to get the money talk started. The longer you wait, the harder it is to talk about it.

Your level of marital communication and financial health go hand-in-hand.

Newly Engaged and Married Couples

Are you getting married this year (or know someone who is)? Read A Couple with Common Cents together, or give the book as a gift. It is a short read and an excellent conversation starter. Here’s what one early reader said about the book:

“I totally identified with the mom in this book. There were some good actionable tips in here.” —Kate

Premarital Counselors and Financial Coaches

Are you in a position of serving and helping men and women who are tying the knot, or who have a checkbook and communication conundrum? This book is an excellent resource for seasons of financial coaching and premarital counseling.

After the conclusion of the realistic fiction story, I provide a study guide in the book. This study guide gives you and those you work with a launching pad for igniting the important money talks.

No matter where you are in your marriage journey, you will be filled with hope and moved to action as you read this story chronicling the fiscal troubles of a modern Midwestern family.

Here’s How to Read A Couple with Common Cents Starting Today

View the press release from my publisher, Morgan James, here.

Check out my new realistic fiction story on personal finances: A Couple with Common Cents: A Short Story About Abundant Hope in Your Family Finances is available in fine bookstores everywhere and online:

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