I’ll Listen to Respectful Opinion (but not gossip)

Ryan Eidson  —  July 20, 2015

Last week I had visitors at the newspaper office on two different days to talk to me about recent news we’ve published.

One day the conversation was respectful. One day it was not.

One had constructive remarks as a citizen of Macon. The other, as soon as it jumped the line from opinion of an issue to gossip about a person, I said, “I don’t want to listen to gossip.”

One brought several great questions to the table. The other just had something to get off this person’s chest.

I appreciate feedback. It lets us know that people not only read Macon The News, they also care about the topics we put in print. (Part of that is also because we keep an eye on the news that our subscribers want us to report.)

But when a conversation about opinion turns into gossip, I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want my opinions of others to be based on hearsay instead of actually getting to know the individual.

Ryan Eidson


I have the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. I am the author of A Couple with Common Cents and live in rural Missouri.