A Tribute to a Business Mentor: Rick Butts

Ryan Eidson  —  February 18, 2015

In late January one of my long-distance friends and business mentors passed away. Rick Butts was 60.

I first “met” Rick when he co-hosted a webinar (live online event) with copywriter Ray Edwards in November 2012. During the next several months I spoke with him on the phone many times, read his books and learned from his experiences in business and professional keynote speaking.

In November 2013 I met Rick in person at a two-day small group business workshop he hosted in Denver, Colorado. Our discussions centered on his Wisdom ThesisĀ® model of business development and communication. The Wisdom Thesis allows you to create a unique solution for an identifiable group of people so that you’re one-of-a-kind in your target market. I used the Wisdom Thesis to craft my philosophy for Macon The News (the newspaper I founded) and to write my very first article that appeared in issue one (January 21, 2015).

Ryan with Rick Butts, Denver, November 2013

Ryan with Rick Butts, Denver, November 2013

Rick was a great encourager. He helped me overcome the fear of trying new things in the marketplace. He taught me more about powerful inductive communication than my high school teachers. He was full of energy and wanted each of his students to do well. Rick served as a coach to many.

“In my humble, but accurate, opinion…” —a favorite phrase of Rick Butts

My last communication with Rick was mailing him a copy of the first issue of Macon The News and a short email explaining what we were doing. I did not receive a reply; I heard from two mutual friends of his passing. Rick had several tumors in his spine that created unbearable pain the past few weeks, and the doctors just discovered those as my mail was arriving at his house.

Rick wrote several books. In fact, I collaborated with him on a (yet) unpublished work, How I Made $1.1 Million in 46 Months in Speaking Fees. He was also in the middle of writing his book on the Wisdom Thesis (which, in his opinion and that of his closest friends, was his life’s work). The books he did release during his lifetime include The Big Butts of Life: Get Off Your Excuses and Do Big Things (motivational and rated G, by the way); The Safari Adventure Company; and The Ancient Library (both of these books are fiction). He intended to complete that fiction series as a trilogy, but that was another work of his that went to his grave.

I give Rick credit as one person who was a key to the success of my newspaper start-up.

Thank you, Rick. As a brother in Christ, I will see you again.

Ryan Eidson


I have the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. I am the author of A Couple with Common Cents and live in rural Missouri.