Four Reasons to Set Goals For Next Year By November 15

Ryan Eidson  —  November 3, 2014

In the past there were two typical times of the year that I would set goals. When I was in school, we usually set goals in late August for the upcoming year. We set personal and group goals in our FFA chapter and other clubs. We wrote them down and made a plan to achieve them during that academic year.

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The other time of year I’ve set goals is in late December. After all the Christmas activities were over I liked to write down a few things that I wanted to do or change during the coming calendar year. There was something special about having my list all written out before January 1 came.

Dan Miller ( challenges his tribe to set all goals for the upcoming year by November 15. Dan says that he has done this himself for many years now. He does not wait until January 1 to decide what his new year will look like in life and business.

Why Set Goals Now?

You may be asking, “Why so early? Why set goals now, when we still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all our year-end stuff yet to do?” Here are four reasons why you should set your goals right now for next year:

  1. Most likely you have more free time available in mid-November for long-range and strategic thinking than during the busyness of the holiday season. Late November and most of December fill up quickly for most people, so it’s easier to block out time before Thanksgiving for a personal goal-setting session.
  2. Early goal setting gives you forward momentum before the next year begins. Your mind will think about your goals and start to work on them now. You may be surprised how far along you are in your goals even before the year begins!
  3. This momentum will give you an advantage, especially in work and professional goals you have set. While others are just beginning to think about their next year (and while most people are not considering goals at all), you will be well on your way to accomplishment.
  4. Most all crops are harvested by this time in the Northern Hemisphere, signaling the end of the growing season. At this point many farmers place their orders for row crop and garden seed for next year. Follow the agricultural seasons and plan what you will grow in the “garden of your mind” this coming year.

Write Down Your Goals Today!

Right now I am working on my goals in all of my life roles for the upcoming year. Are you? Leave a comment and share about your timeline for creating new goals.

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