Why You Should Check Out the Story Cartel Course for Writers

Ryan Eidson  —  May 20, 2014

When other writers ask me where to go to generate authentic reviews for their books, I point them to Story Cartel. Story Cartel is the website where I got early reviews for my book A Couple with Common Cents when I first released it in October 2013.


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What most writers don’t know is that Story Cartel also offers a digital course for writers to get past platform confusion and grow their connections with readers and fellow writers.

The Story Cartel Course

I enrolled in the Story Cartel Course in March 2013. It was a great experience of learning (and practice).

The lessons correspond with what founder Joe Bunting calls the Six Rules of Story Cartel. These six rules, with my summaries, are:

1. Stories Were Meant to Be Shared. Publishing does not just mean signing a contract with a traditional publishing house or releasing your own material on Amazon. Publishing is simply sharing your story with others. This can be as simple as reading a story you wrote to your family, or sending your story to three friends via email.

2. Every Writer Needs a Cartel. A cartel is an agreement among “competitors”. Instead of competing against other writers and authors, you’re actually collaborating with them. Find a few other writers who can give you feedback, constructive criticism, and support when you release your material. Hey, you might end up writing book blurbs for each other!

3. Write Better Stories. As you write more (especially in public, say, on your blog), you will get better. And there are a few great frameworks (methods) of writing a great story, too. You’ll learn those in the course.

4. Writers Read. This is the Story Cartel rule that I have the least trouble with. My average is reading one book a week. I also review the best books I’m reading on my blog, too. (Posting book reviews is another way to connect with other authors.)

5. Ask for Collaborators, Not Spectators. Use your Cartel that you’ve built to help you launch your books. There’s a great method to launching books that you’ll learn in the Story Cartel course. Joe takes the mystery out of book launches for you.

6. Tools Help. Only at this point do you need to examine social media and other digital distribution platforms. Don’t jump the gun. Get your foundation right first, then explore the tools that will best help you.

story cartel course for writersCheck Out the Story Cartel Course for Yourself!

Because of the Story Cartel Course, I started to write and publish short stories in addition to my books. This helps potential readers see my style and learn my worldview before buying a book.

In the Story Cartel Course you’ll learn the tools to be an effective writer in the 21st century. Registration for the next class opens tomorrow (May 21, 2014)! Click here to check out the Story Cartel course right now.

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